Energies POSIT’IF has partnership-based governance. The Ile-de-France Regional Council and eleven local authorities across all levels (municipal, departmental and regional) come together to build and share new energy renovation know-how and to respond to the needs of the twelve million Ile-de-France residents.

Thanks to strong public backing Energies POSIT’IF is the operational arm of local authorities’ housing policies and can perform renovation operations with a view to reaching the BBC* energy performance level.  In that way a mixed ownership company can work hand in hand with local authorities and with their territorial coordination bodies.

The model developed by Energies POSIT’IF contributes to boosting the energy renovation market in the Ile de France region by maintaining and creating 75 000 local and non-transferable jobs for the building companies in the Ile-de-France region. The energy renovation project sites represent long-term investments and are a crucial issue in terms of competitiveness as much for large companies seeking to establish themselves in the Ile-de-France region as for very small, small and medium-sized enterprises (SSMEs) which still have a low presence in the private energy renovation market.  In that sense Energies POSIT’IF plays a role by allowing renovation project sites to be accessible to SSMEs. The source of employment is huge because a million euros invested in building insulation leads to 16 direct jobs.