The Ile-de-France region is highly urbanized with an aging, energy-consuming and multiple dwelling housing stock (more than a million private multiple dwellings are in Class E, F or G). Even though the potential for reducing energy consumption on these buildings is considerable, few homes are presently undertaking energy renovation because homeowners often encounter difficulties in organising their project and obtaining the necessary finance. To overcome these obstacles, the Ile-de-France region had the initiative to establish Energies POSIT’IF, an innovative company made up of private and public capital.

Energies POSIT’IF is the first company that uses third party funding for the energy renovation of blocks of flats. It consists of financing energy renovation work using the energy savings. In practice, the third party financing company supports the homeowners’ association on the technical and financial plan. It designs the project, calculates the energy savings, consults companies, develops a finance plan identifying the grants that can be awarded and the outstanding remaining amount, applies for financial grants and monitors the renovation work. The third party funding company can provide a financial solution in which the homeowners’ association pays regular contributions on an amount that is offset, at least in part, by the energy savings achieved.